Word Files that are generated under win 7 on client are rendered differently on server win 2003,
it is because of the font simplified arabic,
I searched a little, and found that the version of this font on Win 7 is v5.0, while it is v1.0 in Win 2003
how could this be solved ??

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Hi mfadel,

Are you trying to installed MS Office on Window Server 2003, so everyone in your office can access MS Office? If you are installing it on the Window Server 2003 then people who has Window 7 will have a different font. The reason each Window OS has fonts install already. Whatever Window Server 2003 have on it system is what you got, I think you can still update from Microsoft. Window Server 2008 had much better features than 2003. Believe me, it's much better. I hope that will answer your question.