i really don't know what caused the problem. My browser cant anymore play sounds/music, like in youtube. i can see it playing. but there's no sound. During the my windows startup, there's nto startup sound anymore. I tried using other browser like firefox, no effect. My speakers work when I pull up windows media player or an mp3 player to play music.

Any Ideas?

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To clarify, you have no sound on your system during startup, or when accessing web applications like YouTube, but if you use media player you can hear sound?

If you are running Windows 7, open the control panel, sounds applet, sounds tab. You can test your sound there. Also make sure that your sound is not muted (you can generally see the speaker icon in the lower right system tray).

If you plug in headphones, can you hear anything?

headphones and speakers don't matter. I don't hear the system sound when I startup my machine, and I cannot hear any sound when I use a browser. I tried chrome and IE9 to no avail. I have checked the controls on each window to be sure that they are not muted or low. I can play mp3's from my drive on the computer through any media player. I tried reinstalling adobe flash to no avail.

I went to the "sounds" tab where I change system sounds, and the "play windows startup sound" is checked, but I hear nothing when I click "test".

ohhh....... you mean your logon sound i know what u mean..its usally set to default ..go into your sound settings but insted of volume control u need the sound properties...in there it will tell you what u have sound on and whats selected to play a sound

Click the volume icon on your taskbar, then click on "Mixer". From there, scroll through the various volume controls and check that they are not muted or set to minimum. It is possible that your "System Sounds" volume has been muted. That could explain why your logon sound is gone but your media player has sound. You can also get at the mixer directly by running SNDVOL.EXE.

nothing is muted and nothing or set to low. There must be some kind of software issue, because if the media player works, then the hardware is functioning.

reinstall browser , perhaps it will be avoid..

reinstalling my browser was the first thing. I also downloaded chrome and had the same issues.

Which operating system are you using?
If its windows 7 check the mixer and scroll across and check it isnt muted, i missed this myself the first time.
Also my sound has gone on my browser I updated it and it worked for me, unfortunatly not for you.

Let us know how it goes

This applies to firefox, perhaps try that?

Press start
type in sound
open the control panel sound settings
ceck the default device. Change it to realtech or anything you have
issue resolved

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