Hiii guys,
I am making a website through dreamweaver and i want to install a virtual server on my laptop for accessing that website and i tried to install Apache servver but it does'nt seem to be works. So can anyone help me to sort out this problem.
What is the IP address i should enter to access that webpage.
http:/localhost is the default address but my web page is not be able to access from there.
Can some one help me out...

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I run WAMP for development purposes. There is an easy setup and configuration guide that can get you up and running quite easily.


like Hearth said, use WAMP it easily installs itself on Windows systems for PHP programming and running of websites, else if you are using ASP then IIS is recommended (in-built in Windows, need to be enabled thou). Else, you can use a LAMP virtual machine to do the hosting (it will have to run from your physical machine however), and it will have its own IP address to be accessed.

Follow this guide to setup your server and have a website up in minutes:

http://www.tutorialchip.com/php/wamp-server-installation-guide-for-windows-7-3264-bits/ (XP also should follow almost same steps)


Regardless of what type of web you run, if you do so on a VM, what you enter in the address bar on your host machine is going to depend on the VM configuration.

For example, the easiest configuration is going to be if you "bridge" the network adapter on the VM. You would need to configure network adapter in your VM product so that the virtual machine is on the same subnet as your host machine. Then, your VM can either be assisgned a static IP on the same subnet.

then, from the host machine, just open the browser, and type http://ipaddress/. If you want to access the vm via a host name, then either add the host name to your HOSTS file on your computer, or if you have a DNS server running on your internal LAN, just create a record for this vm.

Typing http://localhost on the host machine is not going to work if the website is running on a VM. this is because localhost resolves to That is not the IP address of your VM. is the loopback address on every TCP/IP system.

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