We've recently upgraded from Netscape 7.1 to version 8.1. I've gotten used to it and like it fine, except for the fact that 7.1 saved recently visited sites in the pull-down menu below the URL bar for as long as I wanted (i.e. I had to manually select "Clear location bar" under Edit and Preferences for them to go away), but 8.1 will only save them for about 24, maybe 48 hours. This drives both my brother and me nuts. How do I make it so the URL bar locations are saved indefinitely?

Sorry for the double post, can't edit, more that 30 minutes, etc., etc.

I was going to use AOL Instant Messenger today, but for some reason the shortcut on my desktop is missing (and I didn't delete it), and I can't remember where AIM is located on my computer. I've tried doing a search for it, to no avail, but I'm not sure what filename I should be searching for. I tried searching for both AOL and AIM in the Search feature and the closest thing I found was a WinRAR (compressed files) with everything BUT the actual AIM program in it. And I don't know the filename, so I can't run it from the Run feature. What filename should I be searching for/running?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found out that I just have to click the tab so My Sidebar comes up on Netscape, then click AIM Buddy List. But I still need help with the location bar problem.