Hey Everyone, so I am having another weird issue I was wondering If anyone might know the solution to, From time to time I run into this error message "The action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program" Although the folder or file is not opened in any other program. I don't know if this is the reason but i will explain the process of how I seem to be getting this error message.

To start off with I have Windows 7 32bit home lap top
I have my desktop which is Windows 7 64bit home desktoped networked in a home group to my lap top, and my desk top has 5 external hard drives connected to it that I use my lap top to access to the hard drives,
There are no open windows or programs running on the desk top that will conflict with me getting this error on my lap top.

So far the only thing that I have done so far to fix the issue is
1. restart the lap top
2. delete the %temp% folders and files
3. close out and reopen the hard drive folder

these usually fix the solution for a time being until it happens again, It can be when I am trying to rename the folder or file, move the folder or file

So if anyone has any solutions or if you need me to post more information please let me know I would like to resolve this once and for all

thank you in advanced.

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That warning appears whenever you are trying to move/delete which has inside of it a prgram that is opened. For example, if you have a music folder, and you want to move it on another partition, but the files are opened in winamp or windows media player, and they are running, the warning message will apear. If you have some programs "hidden" in the process menu, or which for some reasons are defunct, or running in background, and you try to do something with the folder they are in, the warning message will apear.
If you try for example to move a picture folder, while your pictures are open with, for example photoshop, or something else, the warning message will apear.
In order to get rid of that, or not to get that warning message it's better to see inside the folder for what programs are they holding, check the process table for any defuct/background/out-in-front programs, close them, then try again. The same with winamp/music/photos etc. Close the program in which they are opened, and then try to delete/move/rename the files.

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Thank you for the information, I can understand that if i was moving a folder/file one from location to another location and the folder/file was already opened I do know that the error message will come up. However even when I just restart the computer and then lets say change the folder/file name maybe I can do two or so at a time but then the error message comes up.

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