i provided my hardisk to one of my friend. When he returned he is saying that folder is not appearing. But the size is utilized. Means previous its 8gb free of 298 [/contents/base/binaire.php3 gb] and after the folder is not appearing its same.
Hidden files and folder i tried. Even the data recovery i cant find the folders.

Guys Please help to get that folder.

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It's possible the folder has had the S or System attribute set. Open a command (CMD) shell and locate to the folder that contains the missing folder. Let's assume (for this example) that the missing folder is called "dave". At the command prompt type the command

attrib dave

If you see an S to the left of dave then the answer is yes. An H means the file is Hidden. Files can be regular hidden (H) or super (or system) hidden (S). Files and folders with the S attribute set will not be visible even if you enable "show hidden files". To clear the flags you can type

attrib dave -s -h

this will clear both the Hidden and System attributes. Once you have done this you can check if your folder is now visible.

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