So, my computer has crashed. The motherboard went. I now have new laptop. I still have my cd's for Adobe CS3. The problem...i've deleted the email long long time ago with serial number for it. I want to install my CS3 which I can do. But I have to use either the 30 free day trial, but to use for good need serial number. I've seen about key generators and such, my worry for that is people getting into computer and giving viruse's. Other then that, is there anything possible I can do to get a serial number or such to use it on my new computer?

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If you have a legal licensed copy, have you tried contacting Adobe support?

You are correct, that if you use a key generator, you could get infected with a virus. Many of those generators contain malware.

Alternatively, if you get your old hard drive and connect it to your laptop via a usb cable, you may be able to search through the files/registry for the serial you are looking for. I would assume that Adobe support would be able to help with that.


If you had an email and you had deleted it you can simply go to trash mails and search by a keyword. Or in case you do not get the desired result, you can contact the support deptt. of Adobe.

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