I created a bootable USB from windows 7 dvd using software WinToFlash. But now i have lost the dvd :( so i need to make iso from bootable USB to safely store windows setup on hdd.
Please suggest any way to do so.

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I just downloaed for the first time this iso creator program and used it to create a iso of a Linux I have on a USB and it created an iso that I can only assume will work if it burn it to cd ,I just don't have a cd to try it on.i use win8 to mount the iso and it showed all the files and folders that were on the usb ,good luck


thankx caperjack..this soft created iso very well but i am not sure if it will work or not.

I found a cd and will burn mine to it and try booting it up in my test laptop .will post results later

didn't work ,i burnt the iso i created to the disk files are there but its not bootable,sorry

caperjack....what exactly you did ? I mean you burnt the whole xyz.iso file to dvd or you burnt the contents of xyz.iso to the dvd ?

I am asking because we are supposed to burn the contents on dvd and not the iso file.

@mayank.dyl..You can use any iso maker software program for the purpose. Plug in the bootable USB and open the iso making software. Browse the USB and start the process. If you have Nero, it would be more easy for you. Just browse the USB and copy whole data on systemj and start burning into .iso image file.

I just burnt the content of the iso file ,Im using win8 so it burns iso file to disk and will also mount the iso, ,no need to use third party software ,what I did notice was that threr was an extra file in the iso after making it not sure what it was for but I left it there assuming it wouldn't hurt

Using magic Iso to creare iso image from a bootable disk so simple.

ok i have created iso file using iso creator and moreover i have formatted my USB drive so now i can only hope that this iso works.
Thankx for your suggestions @ kevin2s, johhny, caperjack.

and if it doesn't work I could always make you a DVD copy of win7 and send it to you,as long as it was a retail disk and not OEM .or you could borrow one from someone ,keep in mindit needs to be same version

ToiNKiez....buddy thats not cncerned with actual problem.

This problem happened to me once again.Any suggestions?

Has anyone used this https://www.iseepassword.com/iso-creator.html (I haven't used yet)
It was recommended by my colleague yesterday.

commented: It's a big load of malarky. I've been using (FREE) IMGBURN for years to do this. Also, see Ninite.com DO NOT PAY! +15

You can also use MagicISO or ISOcreator which can help you in making ISO file from your bootable USB drive. If you want a handy and easy to use software then go for MagicISO it's very easy to use software.

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