I have an HP zd7180 us lap top and 2 months ago my svideo out quit working. When I press the "FN" key along with the "F4" key my screen will go blank then comes right back on. It will not send the image to the TV anymore. I have tried to reload windows XP Media and I still have the issue. Any help would be appreciated.


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did you try a new svideo cable

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did you try a new svideo cable

I tried a new cable, the screen itself never goes to the video display. It When you hit the FN key and F$ the screen blinks off and then back on, it never sends a signal to the TV and never stays off (the screen)

I was just grasping at straws ,maybe it has to do with video drivers ,i know with my pc if i don't have correct drivers for my video card with svideo out it will not show the second screen in the video properties .I had a laptop with svideo out that i could have looked at how it works but sold it the other day .

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