hi ive got a strange problem i have some mkv file on my pc win7 and cannot delete them.if you try to delete it says file is in use by windows explorer even if you restart the system or boot in safe mode you get same problem.

i did some research an on technet some suggest using lockHunter or unlocker. so i tried lockhunter and it deleted the file and send to recycle bin so i guess its ok.

when i try empty recycle bin i get the error cannot empty trash the file mkv is in use by windows explorer you get option tryagain or cancel.it give the name as $RZR8T54 (which is not the files name)and size 0kb in the error.

if i press try again it just give me the same error, but if i press cancel it empty my trash but the sad news is that my hardrive space stay the same as if i havent deleted anything.

so can someone please tell me what the ***** how can i resolve this problem.to note that the files has been remove from its location i cannot find it.

open task manager / find that file name / right click /open the file location / click in task manager end process tree / delete the file in open file location

for more computer tips system speed hint

hi the problem is that these files doesn't show up in task manager to end any process and this happens only with certain .mkv files.

As i have said, I manage to remove them with lockhunter but even e if ive deleted them and can't see them in there location, they acting as if they are still there because it doesn't free up space on my HDD. My HDD size stays the same size even if i have deleted a 900mb or 1gb mkv file.

ok without doing anything my HDD size increased, so i guess it must had been some kind of error that made the disk size stay the same even if i had deleted files.so my problem is solved

If you have not tried unlocker then try it first.

If unlocker won't work then Download any Linux OS like Ubuntu or fedora or mint
then boot it from cd and use as live cd when asked.

It runs without installing then open my computer and open your drive and delete that mkv files.

After deleting goto trash and delete it from there also.

in 4th post you have written that your hdd size is increasing

to solve this problem search on google for "Trojan Horse" or "Space Eater"
it'a a virus that hog your drive continuously until it fulls.

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