Can anyone help please. I thought I was reasonably clued up when it came to basic PC setup etc. However I am having no luck setting up broadband on a friends pc. I have an ADSL signal coming into the PC THe connection icon shows that the pc is connected at 576kbps

The trouble is I cannot connect to any web sites wit the browser. Please can someone post a checklist for connection settings etc. I have tried everything I can think of.

Is it possible that A faulty filter or modem would fool the pc into thinking it was connected whilst there was no real connectivity?

Does your ISP provide static or dynamic IP assignment? If it's static, you'll need to enter the settings provided to you in the connection's properties (IP address, gateway, DNS servers etc). If it's dynamic, make sure the appropriate setting is enabled.

The ISP provieds dynamic IP assignment. In fact if I do an "IPCONFIG /ALL" at the command prompt, I can see the dynamically assigned ip address, also a default gateway setting of I think this is correct for this type of setup. Could there be something wrong with the TCP/IP settings??? As I said, the connections icon shows that the ISP os connected

The gateway wouldn't be assigned as This would be your Subnet Mask. Try pinging your gateway and see if you get a response.

I will try it and get back to you.

Let's get a bigger picture; please do the following:

* Click on the "Run..." option in your Start menu. In the "Open:" box of the resulting window, type "cmd" (omit the quotes) and hit Enter. This will bring up a DOS window

* At the DOS prompt, type the following command and hit Enter. You won't see any result from the command, but when it completes a second prompt with a flashing cursor will be displayed; close the DOS box once that happens:

ipconfig /all >ipconfig.txt

* The above command will have created a text file on you desktop named ipconfig.txt; double-click on the file to open it in Notepad, and then cut-n-paste the file's contents in your next post.


I did an Ipconfig, straight to the prompt and noticed that all ip settings etc were correct, AM I GOING INSANE I THOUGHT.

Anyway, as I was begining to lose all hope of my sanity as to why it seemed that I had a perefectly good internet connection but no data. I rang The ISP again who this time told me that there was in fact a fault / conflict with their equipment and that of the Phone company which was causing a data bottleneck. They are working to resolve the problem.

I will post back as soon as this proves either to be the problem or a red herring.:rolleyes: