Hi all, I am having really weird problems happening on my machine (windows 7, IE9).
I was testing a website and noticed that my Browser Mode and Document Mode are not doing what they should.
Basically from what I have read, when you open IE they should be pointing to the same mode, IE9. But on opening IR I have Browser Mode on IE9 and Document Mode on IE8.
When testing my site instead Browser Mode kept going to Compatibility nmode IE9 and Document Mode to IE7.
Obviously my first thought was "Oh I better look at my HTML in case there is something dodgy". But I tested it on another machine and it works absolutely fine in that when I open the site both Browser and Document mode are on IE9. Same when I open the broswer, they seem to be working ok. Therefore I am asssuming that there is something wrong with my IE on my machine, whatever that is, perhaps some settings? Does anybody have an idea at all?

Compatibility Mode in IE9 is an option to make a website using older formats look better. It's trying to compensate. This option can be disabled in IE 9.

If older browsers are not functioning as well as never browsers on a particular website, this will likely be the reason the browser was upgraded. Or, website developing software is using features capable only in newer browsers.

yes sure, in fact this is the way I test websites (by toggling the different document modes). The problem is that it is misbehaving with every website, so it's not just one site, which makes me think that there is something fundamentally wrong with it...

Without a specific fault to wrestle with, and knowing that you use IE to test your site, this problem could be attributed to one or many things.

Would you consider resetting IE with this solution?