I have a strange problem with my computer, and I'm going to do my best to describe it. When I use my computer for sometimes up to two minutes or up to three hours whatever program I'm in, or if I'm on the desktop at the time, the icons will shrink down to their smallest size, and I can't size it up (ALT-Scroll wheel). If I'm using a program the interface will ficker, some of the text works within the program or it will shrink, what I mean by shrink in a program is, say your using Photoshop, and the canvas shrinks down to the smallest size.

If I unplug the USB reciever for my mouse and plug it back it, I can scale the icons or get whatever program I'm using back to normal, this may not last long before it happens again or another thing that happens is it's extremly hard to move the mouse cursor, it's asthough the mouse cursor has a mind of it's own. Unplugging the USB reciever will fix this, usually for up to five minutes before either the icons / program shrinks or the mouse has a mind of it's own once again. I'm guessing there is a problem with the mouse, and the wireless reciever is having interfearance with something, what that something is, could be electrical, could be anything, this has been ongoing issue for a few months, maybe longer. I tried the mouse in another computer, for up to ten minutes, the other computer didn't have a problem, but the other computer is in a different area, maybe there is no interfearance, or what have you.

What do you think the problem could be, do you think I may be right ? I have contacted the mouse manufacturer in this case it's Logitech, they have informed me to test it on another computer, which I have although there are no visible signs on the other computer, in this case what do I explain to them ? Buy another mouse, if the problem goes away, tell Logitech I would like a refund for the mouse I bought especially if I buy another Logitech Mouse ?

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Let's take a few precautions first. Do a full Antivirus sweep of your system and download, install, and run the following two programs.

Malwarebytes - install and run this one first. A full system check.

Superantispyware Run a full sweep.

Please tell us of any results.

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Malwarebytes reported nothing. And Superanti-spyware reported 32 cookies, the computer is clean.


What do you suspect could be causing the interference? Do you have a microwave oven sat next to your desk? :D

Could you have a sticky key on your keyboard, or sane kind of remapping software installed that may be conflicting?


I think ur assessment is most logical. The next logical thing to do is to plug in a wired mouse. If it stops, then try a different wireless mouse and/or try totally replacing the drivers by deleting the file during uninstall.
The point is to pin down the exact cause.
U could also try a different rcvr or the actual mouse to see which item is the problem.


I really don't know what could be causing the interference. There is no microwave near my desktop :) Unless the people who live below me have some high power receiver, maybe even a cell phone, who knows. No sticky kids, no remapping software :)

I do believe my assessment is right, I tried another mouse and never experienced the problem after (2) hrs of using the alternative mouse. I have gone ahead and contaced Logitech, so far they don't appear to be much help, all they tell me is, if my mouse is within (30) days warrenty we can do a replacement, in fact it's a few years old. If they do anything about it, would be surprising. Could be the laser tracker becomes warn out, or the receiver begins to die, who knows, all I know the mouse is defective.

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