Hi, haven't needed help in awhile but this is driving me nuts. In the last week or so my computer has suddenly slowed drastically. Website loading and switching between applications takes forever and the hard drive just chugs in the background. I check my resources and my physical memory is almost at max (only 253 MB left). I'm not doing anything different (usage wise) and haven't loaded anything new with the exception of Carbonite - which I did dial back to only once a week.

Is there a log I could run and paste here where someon could point out a resource hog that shouldn't be there?

I'm running Win 7 service pack 1, 64bit with 4GB RAM
and McAfee v 11.6

Thanks in advance, I'm trying to get some Xmas gifts done off shutterfly and this is just costing me time!

This is often the symptom of a virus or trojan, assuming you haven't made significant changes to your system configuration just before this started.

Is a Microsoft update downloading or installing?

There is no reason to believe you have a virus or Trojan yet. Download, install, and run a complete check using Superantispyware. A complete check will take approximately one hour.

Also have a look at the amount of space you have free on your hard drive(s).

RE: SuperAntiSpyware, I recommend against installing anything new at this point. There are other options such as Trend Micro Housecall which can be downloaded free. Burn it to a CD and boot off it to scan your computer. Check this forum for other burn-and-boot software and be skeptical of any recomendations to install "this will fix all your problems" software.

I'm not saying SuperAntiSpyware is a bad program (I've seen a couple of rave reviews), but there are programs out there that do little else than further muck up your computer and it can be hard to separate the good from the bogus.

His system isn't indicating symptoms of a virus, this is why I recommended Superantispyware. Horses for courses. :)

SuperAntiSpyware doesn't specifically deal with Malwave, but there is nothing out there at the moment that deals as effectively with the type of Trojans, and Trackers, etc, that are always the culprits far slowing a Windows PC and Superantispyware does so well at dealing with. (try it) So, Trend Micro Housecall is not directly comparable to Superantispyware.

Trend Micro Housecall does try to be comparable to Malwarebytes - and it really offers no competition at all. Trend Micro Housecall must have its definitions updated by some means and therefore still requires installation to some degree, but only when needed. Malwarebytes is always on your system and has multiple options for starting. It deals with stuff that other similar packaged blag about.

But, all this said, there is nothing better than prevention.

HouseCall is not installable. It is meant to be only a stand-alone scanner for infected systems. Supposedly, TM keeps the files up to date. I had a look and SuperAntiSpyware and decided to install it on my machine and give it a go. Thanks for recommending it.

There r a few common causes of slowdowns.
1. Virus
2. HDD errors - most often overlooked cause.
3. AV programs - especially if the slowdown is on tasks web related like browsing or email. Who would have thunk it??? This doesn't usually cause HDD activity.
4. HDD indexing - which Carbonite may be doing - I am not familiar with it.

  1. A virus scan is always a good bet to do first since if u have one it needs to be stopped NOW. Use VIPRERESCUE and MBAM in safe mode.
  2. On W7 open a cmd prompt (Run as Admin) and enter "chkdsk C: /b <<this will do a complete scan of ur HDD so plan on it taking a longggggg time before u can do any work again.
  3. turn of ur AV program and test. If this is an issue, get VIPRE.
  4. disable Carbonite.
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