ok iv got a 250gb externalHDD hooked up to my computer via firewire. now very so often when im reading writing alot it happins "delayed Write failed F:\M$Sf (or somthing like that) any way i was just wondering dose anyone here have a solution.

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the problem is that the dirve is almost full .me thinks

well its still got 20gb free

well its still got 20gb free

this is the last 2 lines of the file you posted with you message !

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Problem Disk free space is only 9% on drive F:.

How big is your F: drive ,to me this indicates the drive is almost full ,maybe
and that would cause the copy error .check recycle bin maybe

No, not having enough free space does not cause a delayed write failure.

Check the S.M.A.R.T. status of your drive using a program such as HDtune, just in case it's on its way out. You should also schedule a complete chkdsk:
Start > Run > chkdsk F: /R /F
And then answer Y when it asks if you would like to schedule the check on the next boot. Then reboot.

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