try youtube (or even google again) but look at other xps not just xps17 until you get general idea. Usually not that hard but look out for hidden screws e.g. could be under rubber plugs etc.Just take it easy and do not force anything. Usually works but look for as much info as you can find also technical manuals and parts lists sometimes also helps. Good luck.

Could also test power supply brick itself with multi meter carefully or get another power supply and plug that in. Dell power supplies are expensive if you have to buy but ebay for compatible or just try google. Good luck.

No problem. I've never had to dismantle my Dell but I downloaded a service manual for an old IBM Thinkpad and I've been able to make a few repairs myself.

eh eh, the thing is this lappy is quite expensive so I don't want to mess it up...but that's probably the only option! : -)

Funny thing. Two days ago I had to disassemble my son's Dell Inspiron 4010 to replace the fan. The downloaded service guide was just the guide we needed. A replacement fan from Dell was $120. From a local supplier, $43. It pays to shop around.

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