I am often opened about 30 windows on my win 7. And often its hard to find which I want quickly, I know the name well, but I cant remember icon or sometimes just finding icon is hard.

So for that time there could be to have some tool where I enter part of text and it autocompletes, I choose and window gets in front.

Do you know such app?

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have you ever tried the key combination ALT + TAB? Not only you can see the icons but also the name of the program


ALT + TAB is one way to cycle through apps, but with 30 windows open I expect it might be a bit sluggish.

Try Task Manager (CTRL + ALT + DELETE). It'll provide you with a list running applications. You can then see window names and use the 'Switch To' button.

Also, 'Windows key' + ALT fans out the windows using a 3D effect.

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those are part of the solution. But I want to be able to type in like in sublime text editor I type in for project file and it quicly suggests, I choose with arrows and enter key. Thats what I want :)

From alt + tab its still slow search. By typing part of text it would qquickly narrow down the amount of results.

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