I've just got a 500Gb external hard drive to use as backup on my PCs. I've formatted it as FAT32 because I want to use it on my Windows 2000 system as well as on my Windows 98SE system. When I come to copy directories from my Windows 2000 system onto the drive it's OK until I get to a 22.4Gb one and the system stops with "Cannot copy capture: There is not enough free disk space". There is 464Gb free space on the external drive, 107GB free on the drive I'm copying from (D:) and 83.6Gb on my C: drive. What's going on and how can I fix it?

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fat32 can only see so much of the 500Gb hard drive without help. In order to see the whole thing you need to goto the manufacture of the hard drive and they will have some software that will enable your windows 98 to see the whole drive.


Thanks for the reply but it's not Windows 98 that's the problem, it's Windows 2000. I tried to copy a 22.5Gb directory (none of the files were over the FAT32 limit) but got the out of space message whereas Windows 98 is happy to copy a 40Gb directory to the drive. I have to say I didn't expedt Windows 98 to work when Windows 2000 failed.

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