I have a Dell Inspiron 6000, running Windows 7. It has the Mobile Intel
915GM/GMS,910GML Graphics chip, Driver version I want to run 2 external
monitors from it, sending the laptop display to monitor 1. I have it hooked up now to one
external monitor as monitor 2, using the VGA output to VGA input of the monitor. I am also
using it as the extended desktop. Can anyone help me run 2 external, separate displays?


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Hold on, let me make sure I've understood this correctly:

You have one laptop with one VGA Output, you have connected this to your monitors VGA Input, on that monitor you also have a second VGA Output which you have connected to a second monitors VGA Input?

Unfortunately you won't be able to run two seperate displays like this, the graphics card shall only output to one monitor, whether you extend or duplicate your displays. It is up to the first monitor to extend or duplicate your displays.

Is this what you mean, good luck regardless.

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