Hey everyone,

I have got a Sony laptop that stops working and starts showing me this line "Operating system not found" when booting up. I entered the BIOS to check out something after I tried re-installing Win7 but I discovered the internal hard disk not being recognised and it said "hard disk: none". My assumption right now is that the hard disk is dead or may be fixable.

Anyone had this problem before and like to share some steps about how to fix it?

thank you..

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IF this were me, i would remove the hard drive from the laptop. I have a USB to sata/ide adapter so I can plug in any hard drive to another computer and have it show up like a USB disk. The adapters are like $15 and a needed tool nowadays. Plug it in to another PC and see if it spins up and is recognized. Does it spin? Does it click loudly? Does it show in Disk manager in win or dmesg in linux?

If the disk is unreadable, you need to get a new disk and reinstall the OS then restore your data from backup.


@CimmerianX..... I tried your way but it still didn't show up and made a really strange sound.


Strange sounds from a hard drive are never good. HArd clicking = dead drive. Did the disk show in dmesg?

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