Being in a tired state of mind I had gone to clear out my recycle bin as I usually do that I didn't realize until too late that I had clicked AVG delete instead of "Empty Recycle Bin". I went under AVG Undelete and restored the files but I can't seem to find them. I had restored the deleted files which had been shortcuts of folders and files of pictures but now I can't find them. I even used the Freeware that windows has installed for fixing .Ink files. Where can I find the files that had been recently restored?

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They will normally be in the original place before they got deleted. Have you tried searching one of the file names on your whole c drive? If you find one the others might be there aswell.


There aren't where their supposed to be. I looked and have tried other recover programs, yet nothing worked. I know there're there I just can't seem to find them. I know for certian that they were recovered from AVG Undelete. When you press the Recover button, it gives you two options. One is to have them go to their respective orginal folder and the other is to an alternate folder. My photo files were in a folder shortcut.


I had clicked on the first option, thinking that the shortcut "My Pictures" would be restored but it didn't. It seems to have gone under a file in the "C" drive under MFT.

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