My computer wont run Windows Update. When I try and run it it says:

Windows could not search for new updates
error(s) found:
code: 80072EE2

I tried to go to the Microsoft website for help but then it says I am currently not connected to the internet but I clearly am. Also, IE is frozen so Im using Chrome. I run scans via Norton and it says Im fine. Please help!

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Major virus / rootkit infection I think! Time to save your data, re-install Windows, scan your data for infections, and then restore it and your applications. This crud is why I run an enterprise class of Linux, and run Windows only in a virtual machine. I can take regular snapshots, and when the VM gets infected, I just revert to the last snapshot. Virus be gone!


FWIW, you can also run Windows as a client VM inside a Windows host. Just do all of your Internet browsing in the VM! :-)

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