Hi im mel, and I have been have a blue screen errors, as well as my PC shutting off do to overheating. The message i get is

Stop: 0x00000050 (0xdf5f29c, 0x0000 0000, 0x804e70d5, 0x0000 0000)

I tried disabling my sound drivers to see if it was the sound no luck, i tried uninstalling the video card no luck, i tried my old ram chips, no luck... Also for some reason every time i try to use windows update, the PC over heats and never lets me finish even when putting a house fan to my open PC.. I ordered a new cooling system online, but i still dont know whats causing the blue screens... ive tried to do a memory test and the pc over heats and shuts off, or i get that error, can anyone come up with some suggestions please would apprecaite it. :-|

Is their anything else to the error, maybe in the minidump or event log, because that would give a further clue. In just looking that error # up, I've seen it could be many things. Many say rootkit/trojon, pretty much any type of memory problems, power supply, fans, and drivers. LoL its gonna be a troubleshooter. I would check the hardware physically then start monitoring heavily. Most of these problems seem to be powersupply, memory or fans. Try something like memtest86 for your ram and motherboard monitor for your ps/fans/heat. Also if you have a virus scanner do a full system scan and get a rootkit scanner such as blacklight or rootkit revealer. Good luck and post back how you make out.

Hey I got another error, some numbers and symtdi.sys Address b6450cde base at b6439060 Date Stamp 43d 6fe7 another file was ACPi.sys anyone what theses files are? Also i tried running memtest but i cant get it to boot ill try it again.