So I just replaced my MB because is had been fried and when I put my computer back together I am not getting any output from my monitor. It is showing the message for no input but it will not show display from my computer. When I turn my computer on I can hear the beeping coming from the MB and everything seems to be working except for 2 things. The lack of output from my monitor and the fan on my GPU is not spinning. I am about 90% sure I need to replace my video card assuming that the fan went out, it fried, and in turn fried my MB. However, this is not my area of expertise and I wanted to get a second opinion before I dropped a couple of hundred dollars on a new GPU. Any thoughts?

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Try the onboard VGA (if yours has one). If it has output, you can check the bios and/or device manager if the graphics card is indeed not recognized.



You said you could hear beeping from the computer when you boot. Is it just one beep? If not the beep codes are designed to help you diagnose errors. You need to determine what the pattern is (i.e. One long beep repeated continually, 2 shorts and a long beep, or 3 long beeps, etc.) From there Google CMOS beep codes. Here is a link to a site that explains what several manufactures beep codes are and what the computer is doing to generate them.



I agree with scud and rch. If there are beeps, look into those beep codes. They tell amazing stories (telling you the problem).

Some mobos nowadays may not have a built in video port. When taking apart the system, you may have been a victim of static shock on your dedicated graphics card. If you don't have onboard graphics like scud said, then order a cheap graphics card from newegg or amazon ($10?) and test it out. It could also be the mobo (although unlikely).

Let us know your progress.


Well, I took the lazy route. I have had my old GPU disconnected esentially since I put in the new motherboard and ran into this problem. I had tried to clean the GPU in case that was the issue with the fan (my girlfriend has two cats so it needed it anyway.) I soaked it in the alcohol I used to remove the thermal compound when I replaced the MB (after bending a half dozen pins on my CPU before making the obvious realization that I needed to remove the heat sink if I was planning on putting the processor back in.) All of this concidered the beeps from my MB mean nothing if I dont have the video card in to begin with. Therefore, after having a friend confirm what I already had set in my head (the fact that the fan was not spinning and the assumption drawn from the fact that my video card is not working) I dropped $150 dollars on a new GPU in hopes that this is my one and only problem.

However I do not feel too bad about it because unless the motherboard I just installed is bad (a possibility I have taken the ostrich approach to) to me the fan on the GPU not working is a sure symptom of the whole GPU not working.

I will let you know if this solves my problems or not and if the fan on my new GPU does not spin I may be in the market for a buyer looking to take advantage of the idiot who bought a down-grade for his video card.

Thanks for all of your help,

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