Yesterday, while browsing the internet like I normally do any other day, My mouse and keyboard stopped functioning. The light underneath the mouse shut off and the lights on my keyboard also shut off. I tried I restarting by holding the power button on the tower to see if they would start functioning again.

Normally, during boot up, the light underneath the mouse turns on and the lights on the keyboard flash. They don't do that anymore, and I can't use the keyboard or mouse at all, so I can't login or check the device manager or BIOS, etc.

I'm using an hp pavilion 734n and running on Windows XP Home Edition. They're both connected to the proper ports, and I've never unplugged them while the computer was running. I haven't tried using a different keyboard or mouse, but I will when I have access to another keyboard or mouse. Bleh.

Any replies regarding this problem would be appreciated.

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The fact that the lights are off and you can't get into BIOS proves that there is something wrong with the connection.

What kind of keyboard and mouse are they (USB/PS2, Wireless/Wired)?

PS2, wired. They're the original mouse and keyboard that came with the computer.

I found an old USB mouse that works just fine, and I bought a USB/PS2 keyboard today. When plugged into the USB port, the keyboard works perfectly, but when I tried to use it in the PS2 port, it wouldn't even "turn on" (meaning the lights wouldn't turn on like with the previous keboard).

Also, I noticed that the Lock key lights (Num, Caps, Scroll) start flashing rapidly when the computer is off and the keyboard is plugged into the PS2 port. This happens with BOTH the old and the new keyboards when they're plugged into the PS2 ports.

My USB mouse and new USB keyboard work just fine, but is there anything I can do to fix the problem with the other connections/ports?

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