I am trying to apply conditiona formating to shade every other row with a different colour. I am applying the following formula =MOD(ROW();2)=1 and nothing happens, if I use a coma instead of a semi colon I get an error. Can somebody help me. Thank you.

For some reason it doesn't work in my Excel 2007

It should work. That article was not intended for Office 2013 products, but it worked when I tried it. So if it works for 2013, I see no reason why it would not work for 2007.

I may have one device that has Excel 2007 on it. If I do, I'll try it and give you an update.

Hello George V,

It appears that you may be missing something. I have followed the steps outlined in that link I provided on Excel 2007 and the results were that the conditional formatting worked as expected. See screenshot below.


Hi JorgeM, I tried both with excel 2007 and excel 2010 and in both cases it didn't work. Do you think that maybe since my version is in spanish (not original) has something to do with it? I am saying this because if I use the coma in =MOD(ROW(),2)=1 I get an error however if I use a semi colon it works but does not shade the rows. Thanks

I don't know if the version makes a difference. I wouldn't think so. If you use a semicolon you say it works but what I think you mean is that no error is generated. If it worked, you'd get shading.

When I did the formating, I picked a blue color for the fill and a pattern for the shading.

Exactly no error is generated. I finaly solved the problem, since Excel is in spanish I have
to use "RESIDUO" instead of "MOD".Thanks.

glad you resolved the issue. good to know that the functions are writtend different dependin on the language version.