I'm not sure if I'm writing this in the correct forum, but, here goes. I have Windows 7 Home Premium on a Dell Inspiron ONE_2020 4.00 GB RAM, 64-bit Operating System and I would like to play DVD's on my PC and view them on my Smart TV (I don't have a regular DVD player). The TV is a Samsung Smart series 5, model UN40EH5300.

I've done a bit of research and some info advises to download a media sharing service called, "Allshare". I've also read that there's a handy-dandy button on the Samsung TV remote called, "Smart Hub" which, when pressed will allow me to access The Web, Apps, etc but I've got Telus Optic TV (and the corresponding remote) and I can't find the Samsung remote anywhere. And I can't find the "Smart Hub" using the Telus remote.

Can anyone help me with this? (Well, you said you missed me, so...I'm back!

Thanks for listening,


That's beyond my abilities, i would suggest asking dani

A very easy and inexpensive way of doing this is to connect your computer to your TV using it video out connection...would be nice if you had an HDMI port on your computer. I use to watch all sorts of video formats on my PC and displayed them on the TV in this manner.

I also have a few Samsung DVD players that come with this "allshare" feature. it allows me to plug in a storage device (usb stick, external hard drive) directly to the DVD player and it recognizes all sorts of media from videos, pictures, to music.

If the TV has allshare, I would expect the same for the TV.

I dont see how the smart hub feature would be of help here with regard to your computer and DVDs...unless I'm missing something...

When you say, "connect the computer using the video out connection" do you mean connect it with an ethernet cable? I don't think I could do this as both devices are in opposite areas of the house. But could I connect them wirelessly?

P.S. Thank you very much for your help.

When you say, "connect the computer using the video out connection" do you mean connect it with an ethernet cable?

Sorry, I should have been more specific. I was assuming that your computer had some type of connection to allow you to connect to an external monitor or other source. It would usually be a VGA port, or HDMI. This type of PC may not have this.. So forget about that option for the moment.

If your computer has the "allshare" feature, you should be able to connect to connect to media outside of that TV, say over the network. Is your TV hooked up to your local area network (either wired or wireless)?

If so, I can say that at least from my samsung dvd player that has the allshare feature, I'm able to search through the network and connect to my PC and stream pictures, music, etc.. from that PC to my DVD player which I can see on my TV. Since you have the allshare feature on your TV, you should be able to do the same from the TV. When it comes to the network though, you need a good connection so if you go wireless, you may or may not be able to stream video clearly unless you have a great wireless connection.

If your PC is also connected to the network, you can use Windows Media to share your content over your network.


It's taken me a few days to respond to your suggestions because I've been researching, trying to understand what the bleep I'm doing. As far as I can tell, my tv is connected to the internet because I can access email and Facebook. The 'Help' center has a video, "How to connect to a wireless network". The info contained therein is to go to the control panel, click wireless connections and choose from a list. I didn't have to choose because the first one on the list (Telus 4719) read, "connected". Well that's all fine and dandy, but I already knew my PC is connected.

I don't want to bore you with all the information that's rattling around in my head right now (it would start to resemble a short story). I want to thank you for your help but I'm ready to give up and buy a dvd player I can hook up to my TV.

P.S. When I go into Allshare, nothing is listed, in fact I can't see that the PC knows there's a TV in the next room.