Hi everyone. This is my first post, I found the site while looking for an answer to my problem. Everyone here seems to know what they are talking about so hopefully I can work out what is going wrong.

OK... Recently my computer was attacked by a Trojan (spy sheriff) And after getting rid of that (and a cpl of others on my computer i didnt know i had) MSN hasn't been working. Everytime I try to sign in I get a pop up window stating
"messenger has encountered a problem and needs to close...)" I uninstalled, reinstalled, upgraded, checked my clock, everything i could find by googling around. Now tonight I tried to use the new MySpace messenger(which I think is pretty much the same as MSN). I basically got the same message (along the lines of the windows one).
Am I missing a file or something? I am not getting a specific error message, so I am not sure where the problem is.
Sorry I am not very computer literate, Basically everything i know i have learnt since this problem came up.
Should I post a "HiJack this" log?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.