I have Microsoft Office and I use IE, and one day my address bar was gone. I've tried deleting the registry key for it, I've tried resetting the toolbars, uninstalling and reinstalling IE, checking and unchecking the address bar and other toolbars, I've tried every option I can find online. The only thing that works is putting in full-screen mode, but I'm wondering if there's a way I can do it in non-full screen mode.

Thank you!:mrgreen:

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Have you tried to do a SYSTEM RESTORE to a time when it worked?? (That should do it)

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I just had this problem. Go to view and then to toolbar. if there is no tick beside "address bar" click it. If this doesnt fix it, there should be a box at the top that says address bar. Then go to veiw toolbar, and unlock the toolbars by clicking it. Drag the address box to where it should be and then lock the tool bar again.

If doesnt work, reply and ill see what else i can do

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