Hi All,
I am looking for a software that can be used for scheduling (Diary).
But it must be a centralized one because 3 users wants to use it.
Please help me to find a suitable software.
Thank You all

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One Note or Journal in Outlook would work.

Are you looking for free or are you willing to pay? Before retiring I had to coordinate the scheduling of dozens of processes with varying types of triggers. Some were triggered on a time schedule and others were triggered by the appearance of files in folders. I found adTempus a great solution. It provided all the flexibility I needed (and more) and the tech support was second to none. If you contact them tell them you were recommended by Jim (formerly) from Manitoba Hydro. I don't get anything for the promo but they like to know where there referrals come from.

They have a full featured demo version you can download to try.

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