Just put a new HDD in my Toshiba Satellite 2435-225 but instead of the standard single partition I created four. This I think is the limit for laptop. Anyway, I installed XP Pro in C. In the disk manager everything checks out OK. I formatted E (programs) and it is ok...can access it. Hair pulling problem is when I install programs it wants to put them in C. I don't know how to direct install to E,F,G and whats left for an extended partition (word doc's).
I have not formatted F and G and have not created extended partition yet but C and E are active.
I have googled and searched but haven't found the answer....leaning on you now....thanks for the help

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Generally, all setup routines defaukt the installation to C:\Program Files. But they also give you the option of installing the app in another partition/directory. If you want to permanently move the location of the Program Files directory, use TweakUI for the same.

Thanks goldeagle 2005...I'm moving in that direction.

You can also use the registry to change the default program files folder .. the registry key to alter is :


Change the ProgramFilesDir key to what ever path you want.

But the recommended solution is to use a software to change the path like what goldeagle2005 suggested.. TweakUI.

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