I have an old on disk program that I have recently installed on my computer (windows 7 home premium). The program is called the qbs HAM toolbox. It was meant for windows XP. Despite that I have tried to run this program in windows XP settings (and other settings as well) it still refuses to work. The setup is fine. The error that occurs is runtime error 76, path not found. The instructions say that it should be installed in the d drive. For this computer, that is backup and recovery. Naturally it was stored in my c drive. A document I found under programs files x86 under local disk c said that there was a conflic with creating a c drive. This program is very usefull to my father, who is a heating and refridgeration engineer. All help is appreciated.

First for the d drive problem. You probably don't need the recovery drive to be mounted, or if you do, you can assign it a different letter. After that you can create a virtual disk to be used for d drive.

  1. Press "Windows key" and r, type in compmgmt.msc and press enter.
  2. On the left pane go to Storage -> Disk Management.
  3. Right click on (D:) and press "Change Drive Letters and Paths".
  4. Remove D:.
  5. On the menu bar press Action -> Create VHD.
  6. Give it a location and a size (say 4GB), press ok.
  7. There should be a new disk at the bottom of your screen that says "unallocated" to the left "Not Initialized".
  8. Right-click on the left part of this disk and press "Initialize Disk".
  9. Right-click on the right part of this disk and press "New Simple volume".
  10. Follow the prompts. When asked for a drive letter, choose D.

Now you have a usable D:. You can also mount the recovery drive to another letter if you so desire.

If the program still isn't working, I would suggest you use something like VMWare to install Windows XP in a virtual machine.

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