I install windows 8 and install all driver and update but my wifi is not working. Wireless driver is installed but wifi is not working acutally Airplane mode is on but Airplane button is not click able and keyboard wifi on/off button is also not working. When I troubleshoot the problem it tells that wireless capability is turned off.

Right Click network icon in taskbar and select "open network and sharing center"

highlight wifi connection then at top click "diagnose this connection"

the troubleshooter will discover that the WiFi connection is turned off and offer a "apply fix" option click that and windows will enable the wifi connection...
I found this on a site some time ago, would credit the author if I could find it.

Its not working. Problem found but not fixed.

Maybe there is a on/off switch button. Make sure it is on.

same proplem i install widows 8 and 8.1 and but wifi not working..always trun off switch not working....if you have good information plezzzzzz tell me

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