Hey, I've got kind of a weird problem.

I've set up a local network at home using a Netgear WNDR3700v3 router, which works flawlessly. And I've set it up so that connected computers get all the IP-information from the router (DHCP), including using the router as the dns.
But every night, the dns on the connected computers are being replaced with the ip (I'm using 192.168.0.x on my lan).

On rare occations I don't notice anything different, but most of the time my browsers fail to resolve hosts.

At this point I've begun thinking maybe a worm or some other kind of virus. But I've never heard of a virus that do this.
Any ideas of what might be the cause?

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Never mind. I figured it out.
I forgot that I have a second router installed at my neighbour connected to my lan through it's wan port, and that it too had dhcp activated. :|

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