Hi All,

I have two issues that I cannot seem to resolve using Google.
1. My windows account, the only one I have, is the Admin account. However, I cannot save files on my desktop and get prompted that only the admin can save there and that I should contact the admin. I ran a virus scan in both regular mode as well as in safe-mode and there don't seem to be any viruses or malware. I've gone into my control panel to remove suspicious looking software but there don't seem to be any. I have also created another account profile and made that admin but that didn't help either. I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium (legit) 64.

  1. I cannot run a windows update. I get prompted that it is not running and that I need to restart my computer. Did that to no avail. I then tried to stopping the windows update in services, removing the files from C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution and then starting windows update in services but I still cannot run the update from the Control Panel.

I've combined these two issues into one post because I have a feeling that they are related. Can anyone help?

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Did You Try "Microsoft Fix It"?..

Yes I did and nothing came of it.

Don't delete C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore - it is your update history; wuaus checks that. The service will download a couple of files that it needs if you delete the rest of SD.
Can the Administrator account succeed with desktop saves?

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