OKAY so I was using my Laptop one day and shut it down and when I tried to power back up the next morning I had an harddrive error saying my hard drive was missing. I have an IBM Leveno ThinkPad r22 (I think) and I even took the harddrive out and put it back into place and still no detection. I'm not sure what it could be. Any suggestions? Ever happened to anyone else???

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It could be as simple as the drive coming unseated. That happened to me recently. The screws holding the drive in place were loose and the drive had wiggled free of the contacts.

Or you could be screwed because the head(s) crashed.

Yes, definitely could be what the Rev said. I've had that happen, but not on a SATA drive yet. You could open the chassis and explore; Lenovo has decent instructions on how to dismantle your own laptop.

Could also be that your CMOS battery died or came unseated, or in some other way your BIOS settings were reset in such a way that your hard drive is not recognized correctly. If you can access your BIOS settings and try changing your storage settings and your boot settings it may be recognized correctly again.

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