I have an Epson R2400 A3 printer new but not connected as I am still reorgansing my cottage. I have a gigbit network connected by an 8 port switch on the ground floor. I have a CAT 6 connection to a PC on the 1st floor and want to install my printer on the first floor. Since I have a Gigabit connection to a PC on the 1st floor could I buy an additional network switch to connect my printer rather than try to route a new cable from the grund floor to another PC.

I can't move the first floor PC to the location of the R2400 which is large. So I'll be using a spare PC to service the printer

Yes, you can extend the lan on the second by plugging in a switch, then connecting your devices to this switch on the second floor. You can connect two switches together. Think about a building with computers everywhere. You may have closets on each floor where all of the segments are extended. You wouldnt run cables from hte first floor to the 20th floor's computers directly.

JorgeM is correct. In our home, I have two wifi access points w/ switches. The router/internet connection and access point is in my office in the basement. The other switch/access-point is in my wife's office on the first floor. They are connected via a power-line connector, which is just an ethernet cable that uses the home power lines for transmission (don't have to run a cable). It has worked great for 9 years now.

Thanks guys.

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