When Vista on Windows 8.1 Pro loads in a VM, my cursor gets confined within the VM window. The only way out for my cursor is to close the VM. I read changing the Pointing Device from USB Tablet to PS/2 Mouse is suppose to fix this problem, that isn't the case in my situation ?

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If it's vmware have you installed vmware tools?

I don't experience this with Windows7 VM ?

The other VM apps have "guest additions". You need to install that per VM guest.

"guest additions" is this an option ?


As pointed out by the other posters here, most VM managers have tools that you can install to deal with this cursor "stickyness". With VirtualBox it is the "guest additions" package which you can easily install after you get your VM running. VMware has its own tools to install to help with this. Even if you don't install such tools, each VMM (virtual machine manager) has a hot key to unpin the cursor. This is the right control key for VirtualBox. I'm not sure what it is for VMware.


Is the Extension Pack for VirtualBox, the "guest additions", that is all I could find and I want to verify. I found this, which has some unique files specially those with el5,6,7 in the file name ?


The el5/6/7 images are Enterprise Linux (Red Hat and clones) only. There are Windows-specific installation packages. They include the appropriate guest additions package which you access via the VM's Devices menu.


FYI, In Virtual Box, release the mouse using the right CTRL key.
In VMWare, release the mouse with Left CTRL+ALT

Or use the guest additions where possible.

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