Hellow : I hope u will be all Wright ; My qoustion is "when,I install any window in any system from booted usb .The working of system is so slow And as same steps,when , I install window from CD system working not perfect but avg" The Steps is : 1 insert CD 2 Select language 3 Select window type 4select drive to install window

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  1. Make sure you have a high performance USB drive. They are much faster to read than write.
  2. Disable memory swapping in the OS and remove the swap file. The performace of virtual (swap) memory is very dependent upon the write performance of your drive - see #1 above.
  3. Disable automatic updates.

This should help.


Please sure to make bootabale disk like this :
Open command prompt and type 'diskpart' and press enter.
then windows ask to open program , then click 'yes'
after there is window like command prompt open. On that again type these commands.
1. 'list disk' press enter
2. 'select disk 1' press enter
3. 'clean' press enter
4. 'create partition primary' press enter
5. 'select partition 1' press enter
6. 'active' press enter
7. 'format fs=ntfs quick' press enter
8. 'assign' press enter
9. 'exit' press enter
Then some window prompt click on it's close button.
Now copy windows files to pen drive. then go to bios and make usb hdd as first bootable device.
I think this helps you !

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