System: Dell Dimension 8300 desktop with 512kb RAM
Windows XP Pro SP2 with IE7 (7.0.5730.11)

I have this annoying problem, after having just recovered from a bout with some BHO glitches.

Everything is working fine, except that pulldown boxes on web pages come up blank. For example, the "search in" pulldown box on daniweb. When I click such a box, it shows blank white space with enough real estate to display the items, but there is no text visible. Also, certain other functions on webpages are not available, for example the ability to Browse for and Attach files in Yahoo Maill (the buttons won't load onto the web page). Everything else seems fine.

In the process of recovering from my original problems, I DID reinstall a whole bunch of stuff, including a "repair" installation from the original Windows XP disks, as well as many Windows and browser helper packages, add-ons, patches from Windows Update, etc.

Is is possible that I have not reinstalled something that is vital to the operation of the pulldown boxes?


Is it possible that you have javascript disabled in the browser?

This is weird. There are NO java related settings listed in Advanced Option of IE7, even though:

1. Java is installed on the machine and visit to java website "verifies" installation correctly
2. java is listed in XP add/remove programs
3. there is a settings tab for java under Control Panel which seems fine.
4. Three entries related to java under IE7 Add-ons
Java Plug-ing 1.6.0_02, ActiveX control, enabled, ssv.dll
SSV Helper Class, BHO, enabled, ssv.dll
Sun Java Console, Browser Extension, enabled, ssv.dll

How can this be?

OK, I solved this on my own by some miracle, with a little nudge from cmannering (thanks).

What I did:

Completely uninstalled and then reinstalled Java (this alone did not solve it).

Ran Windows XP system file checker (Start > Run... > sfc /scannow).

Not sure exactly what was screwed up or how it got that way, but above two steps did the trick.

Just wanted to close out the thread.