Well, I only seem to get it while I'm playing a game, and it tends to happen in laggy areas or when a lot is going on in the game. I have removed the possibility or RAM as the problem and I know it is not the game. I have a Toshiba U305 with Intel Mobile 345 graphics so I know they aren't the best to begin with. I am using XP drivers (i downgraded from Vista to XP OS) and as far as I can tell I got the right ones. I am unsure if its a hardware problem or a drivers problem and if it can even be fixed? The stop message I get just lists numbers like 0X000000E blah blah blah. I can try to crash if the precise numbers would be helpful, but I google search them and got nothing and nothing else is identified in that stop message. Can anybody offer any suggestions? Thank you.

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Usually this sort of thing is the graphics drivers crashing into other areas of RAM. So try googling the Intel Mobile 345 PROBLEM search.


Incidentally there are a good few posts in this forum about the Itel Graphics chipset and associated problems.

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