I can't seem to open any games on Pogo anymore. I get an error message that iexplore.exe is not functioning. I've read several of the threads on this "iexplore.exe" problems and have run my Malware scans that come up empty. Also ran Avast! and found nothing. What am I doing wrong?

Is your JAVA up to date?

Latest version; Version 6 Update 16
You can get it here; http://java.com/en/ and if necessary go in to "Control Panel" "Add/Remove" and remove all older versions of Java

OMG! I am soooo blonde. I checked my Java to see if running properly and stated it was, but never checked the version! Duh, I downloaded the current version and I am back amongst the living. My only lifeline to relatives in Canada, we chat in Pogo! Thanks a million!