Everything was working fine, until I turned my screen off and went to get groceries (with the computer still running). I came back maybe an hour later and when I turned the screen back on, everything was sideways!! Instead of reading top to bottom, it goes from right side to left side. Even my mouse is acting in accordance to this "new screen." As I write this, I have my head turned sideways so I can see what I'm doing!

I don't know if I pressed something by accident or my cat stepped on a wrong button... and I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I have no idea what to do. I tried restarting my computer, I ran my Ad-aware and Ewido anti-spyware and my anti-virus (Nod32). I got rid of the ad/spyware and there are no viruses. I tried clicking and dragging the toolbar, or looking into properties but I can't find anything!

PLEASE HELP ME! My neck is starting to hurt :sad: Thank you!

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You've tried restarting, right?

Secontly, have you tried using System Restore?

Yes, I've tried restarting. And last night I unplugged the monitor, kept it shut off all night and restarted this morning... it's still sideways! I checked system restore, but it looks like it was turned off... so that's no help.

Thanks! Just before I read your post, I stumbled on the answer on a Windows forum. Ctrl+Alt+Up arrow did the trick. Thanks again!

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