After installing windows xp service pack 2 the computer asked to be restart...That was done and after that it continued to restart on its own until I turned the system off by the power button. Then after waiting a little bit I turned it back on by the power button and the system would restart as soon as it started to load windows. Could anyone shed light on this for me?? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

Thanks for responding to me. Well I was unable to do a system restore and my computer works fine...but will it hurt anything if I dont download windows service pack 2?

Servie pack 2 is alot more secure that SP1, and provides numerous other updates and features. It is suggested that you get it, but if you feel you can keep you computer secure, and you dont need it for any other reason. Then go for it. Read more here -

Oh, if you couldnt do a system restore the how did you fix it? incase others are having your problem.


Well I wouldnt have a problem having it...and have never had a problem having it..except on one computer and it makes it turn on and off..the only way to stop it was a system restore...and that is what I did there for it is gone but if there is no way to prevent it from turning on and off on it own then I cant have it on my computer. Is there any other suggestions to why it would turn on and off as soon as windows starts to load?

ok will try that and will get back with you on it...Thanks very much for ur help :)

Shut off all antivirus and firewall programs. Close out as many background tasks as possible and try again. and maybe download it directly, not from windows update.



However make sure you shut down your antivirus and firewall only in the moment when you start installing SP2 and have the internet disconnected. Otherwise you might get a network worm like Sasser while you install SP2. Sp1 is very vulnerable to network worms.

Yea, it also a good idea to do the updates immediatley. And always get the security updates.