I have just set up cable internet broadcast over a linksys router. My Firefox browser works perfectly but everything based on IE does not work. It gives me "
The page cannot be displayed

". I havent changed anything since I had this set up at my old apartment. Got any ideas?

Mike Hamilton

So what kind of information do you guys need to help me figure this out? I thought somebody would be nice enough to try.

Sorry about that, we've been backed up lately (for me, its school :)).

Have you looked at the security settings of IE?

Secondly, have you tried resetting the router? This problem happens alot to me when the hardware firewall built in blocks 1 but not the other.

I think maybe I can help.

1. Go to internet options and click the connections tab. Then click lan settings and make sure the "Automatically detect settings" is checked. If it is than unclick and then click it again. That way maybe it will recheck when you reload the browser.

2. Reboot the router and the cable modem. Some people jsut never do this because it's always connected. Disconnect everything and then reconnect it. I don't think it's this though because you say that Firefox is working and IE is not. So don't worry too much about this.

3. Once you get IE working be sure to upgrade to Internet Explorer v7.0. It's a whole lot better and runs smoother. I'd reccomend doing it first, but you can't upgrade without using IE.

P.S. Let me know a littlemore about the problem and maybe what you've tried. Than maybe we can help out a little more...