I have just upgraded my M/B, CPU, Ram and Graphic card.

Asrock K7S8X M/B
AMD Athlon XP2000 CPU
512 DDR 400 Ram
ATI Radeon 9200 graphic card.

Having put them all in my tower, I turned machine on. sorted BIOS, then booted from winXP cd and formated and attemted to reinstall winXP pro.

Once windows starts to initialize hardware a blue screen comes on with the following message.


And go's on to tell me to remove any new hardware I have added.
Having added all the listed Items above, what do I do first?

My old graphics card, cpu and ram are no compatable with the new M/B and vice versa. Anty Ideas??

Cheers guys.

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Thanks for the replies,

Firstly I have set my old system up again reinstalling winXP on my old hard drive with the old M/B, ram and graphic card.
Everything went in ok, so that suggests to me that my hard drive is ok?
Secondly, I think my old graphic card is 3.5v as it is at least 3 years old and my new M/B will only take 1.5v graphic cards.

Having read about the error messages I am getting on the microsoft website, could it be that my new M/B supports ATA 133/Ultra DMA mode 6 and isnt recognising my old hard disk properly? In the bios I remeber the setting being on auto, and on boot up next to my hard disks name it said something like
"ultra DMA S.M.A.R.T capable, but not enabled"

thanks again


Hi guys,
Heres an update for you.

Just installed everything and it is so far going ok.

Dont exactly know what I did, as I made a couple of changes at the same time anyway, heres what I did before install.

Moved DDR ram from DDR1 to DDR2, changed ide cable for a new 1 and set IDE1 in bios to user settings, using my old bios settings for the hard disk.

Like I said, dont know which one of these did the trick but, I dont want to mess with it again just in case!!!

Any ideas??


Why isn't the old video card compatable?

Older video cards which are AGP 1x/2x compatible operate at a higher signaling voltage than 4x/8x cards. Old card + new board = no workee. New card + old board = potential smoke.

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