i am using a sony vaio laptop.. which supports wireless... my problem is, i just moved into my new place a day ago.. i am able to access the internet wirelessly.. and i can access some sites.. [like http://www.google.ca] but i realized that a lot of the normal sites i was able to access at home - i can no longer go into!
for example:
and when im checking my hotmail.. it doesn't always load - for my hotmail, it's an on and off problem
and not all images on my website is viewable. which is really weird!
i dont know what happened, i haven't changed anything or played around.. but once i got connected at my new place.. these sites were no longer available for me to view.. it just gives me the uhm. . cannot find server window "the page cannot be displayed"

hopefully any of you guys can help me out.. thanks a bunch!

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This sounds pretty much like a MTU problem. If you have moved to another place, your MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) may have changed, even if you still got the same ISP. Download Dr.TCP here:http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/DrTCP-Download-32633.html and run it.
In the box in the lower right corner you can see your current MTU setting - note that number. Now enter a number that's 10 lower, i.e. 1484 becomes 1474. Click "Save" and reboot your computer. If this doesn't help, repeat the procedure a few times, each time with a setting that's 10 lower than the one before. If you end at 1400 and nothing helped, restore the original setting - then I was wrong.
If it helped, tell me and we can try to optimize your RWIN size for that new MTU setting.

thanks a bunch! when im done some of my work. i will update with hopefully good news =)

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