It's almost like firefox needs to warm up now or something.
I open it and don't matter what page I try to go to I get the timed out or just a blank page. After closing and reopening about five times the page will load and I have no problems unless I leave it for a while. I just re downloaded fire fox and have dsl. Never had this problem in till a few days ago.

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Yeah, I've been experiencing a similar problem. Usually if I refresh the page or push back and then forward it will load, but usually it just hangs there forever and never loads unless I do something. A problem I don't seem to have with IE7.0, which is weird because my Mozilla has always outperformed IE. I'm a little sad that it seems like Firefox might be behind the power curve, I hope they come out with an update soon. Let me know if you figure out the problem. Sorry I can't help.


Well, I guess we can all just move onto IE and get in line with everyone else forced to use microsoft products.... You could try searching other peoples forums too. Sometimes they have answers. Good Luck.

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