Hi there everyone, I need help as my I.E. is running out of control.
I have a Compaq Presario 2100 running XP home edition.
When I start the laptop up after a few minutes I.E. starts to open up my home page and continues , sometimes up to 25 times after which I have to shut down my laptop.
If I run Firefox this browser runs ok but then I.E. starts it’s openings thereby minimizing Firefox.
If I am using any Office program I.E. will suddenly start up minimizing the Office programme.
When I use the laptop away from home I do not use the internet at all, all I use the laptop for is to work in Office programmes, use Moviemaker and media player, and use my photo programmes so what I need is help to either
Delete/disable or isolate I.E. from my laptop as I do not need it .
I have a home computer that I can access the internet.
Hope you can help me. Eddie


Try running this program: Spybot Search and Destroy on your computer. And also try this one, Regseeker. Just click the names and the links will take you directly to their download sites. They are freeware programs and so I'm not trying to sell you anything or something. They might take care of the problem by themselves.
I love the programs because they don't charge anything to use and probably never will. You sound like you have some serious spyware on your cpu. If this doesnt' work let me know.