how can i get my data off my hard drive when my computer will not boot? I cannot find my w2k cd just the setup disks I made. If I use them will I lose my data? Any suggestions? Thanks

you can mount your HD in another PC, and backup all needful staff. If you don't have such opportunity, there are several sollutions, but we need to know more about your problem.

do you have another computer? if so, just yank that hard drive out, and set it into your second computer as a slave drive, and that way you can recover your data.

Just download NTFSDOS
and put on a big thumb drive (2GB or what ever) and make it bootable.

Next bootup with NTFSDOS on thumb drive or whatever and manually copy all of your files to it.

Enless you have another free partition or something, just boot up with NTFSDOS, LINUX, Whatever you want, and then move it all to the other partition.

But besides these suggestions i must ask what kind of setup disks they are??????!!